[KPhotoAlbum] Hierarchical Tags -- question, "wish list", and invoke external program

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Wed Jul 16 05:22:15 BST 2008

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:56 AM, Murray Strome <wmstrome at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am currently using KPhotoAlbum 3.1.1 using KDE 3.5.9 running Kubuntu 8.04,
> "Hardy Heron".

> 1.  If I have an hierarchical structure on my tags and I decide that I
> should have had another layer between two of these, how can I go about
> creating one?
> For example, suppose I have the following structure:
> Category:
> Animals
>    Wild Animals
>        Elephants
>        Tigers
>        Zebras
>        Wolves
> Category:
> Animals
>    Wild Animals
>       Mammals
>           Elephants
>           Tigers
>           Zebras
>           Wolves

I guess that you create a category 'Mammals', mark it to be the subcat
of 'Wild Animals' and then for example in the search dialog drag &
drop the four cats from the Wild Animals to Mammals?

> 2. "Wish List"
> In the above example, I would really like the category selection to be such
> that if I annotate an image, using the above example, as "Owls", it would
> automatically also select all the "parents", e.g. "Birds", "Wild Animals",
> "Animals". As it seems to work now, I have to manually select all the parent
> categories as well as the bottom sub-category. Unfortunately, I am prone to
> forget to also select the "parents".

If you tag a photo with an 'Owls' tag, you cannot see the parents, but
if you search for any of the parent categories, Owls are also
included. So in a way they do belong in the parent categories but the
tag is not shown for that image, which can be bad in some situations,
I agree. I guess there could be an option or a button or a tooltip or
something that would show you the whole tag path.

> 3. Invoke external program
> I have already reported to Jan that when I try to invoke an external
> program, I get a little pull down menu which supposedly gives me a choice of
> "Current Item" and "All selected items", but clicking on either of these
> gives no response. I have now discovered that this seems to happen ONLY if
> the original image is RAW (in my case, Pentax ".pef").  If I do this for a
> .jpg image, it does give me some programs to chose from.

Funny thing.. I quickly tried KPA (from Hardy repos) and I think I
noticed also something funny that depends on the file type: when you
select images and then drag&drop them to konqueror/dolphin, other
files (from nef/jpg) are correctly copied but others are always
created as symlinks. But I'll try to check this later and report, if I
found something strange.

This leads me to
> another "wish list": I would really prefer to have the extensions shown for
> the files. As it is now, when I see an image in the thumbnails, or if I try
> to work with it, I have no idea as to whether it is RAW (.pef), .jpg, .tif
> or whatever.  It would be especially helpful to know if it is RAW.

Some kind on RAW icon would be useful. But the only places you see the
extension is in the title bar of View window and in the thumbnail mode
only in the status bar when you bring your mouse over an image.



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