[KPhotoAlbum] Please report bugs against the KDE 4 version.

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sat Jul 12 20:56:46 BST 2008

Michael J Gruber wrote:
> - In the first step (libs) there's a spurious "cd kdegraphics".

Please reload the page, I recall making some changes to the text before 
I enjoyed my vacation. Anyway, I just followed the guide on a freshly 
installed (remote) OpenSUSE box and the guide seems to work.

> - I need to set CPATH and LIBRARY_PATH so that the make for kphotoalbum 
> picks up the new includes and libs rather than the ones in standard 
> locations; you don't notice if you don't have any there, of course.

I wasn't able to ask cmake not to include kde3's libkipi headers (as 
they are in /usr/include/libkipi/ on my Gentoo box). If you have had 
such a problem, how did you fix it?

> It compiles! It even runs!

Glad to hear that :)

> Plugins don't work (Trader Joe/KServiceTypeTrader says service Type 
> "KIPI/Plugin" not found).

Same here. I have no idea if kde4's KIPI plugins are ex[ected to work at 
the moment, though.


cd /local/pub && more beer > /dev/mouth

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