[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum and digiKam comparisons

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sat Jul 12 19:59:02 BST 2008

Murray Strome wrote:
> As I said below, it crashes whenever I try to invoke GIMP.

This has been already fixed, but it takes time before distributors 
update their packages. We can't do anything with this, sorry.

> I am not sure what version is in the repositories for 8.04 KDE 3, but
> I know that it does not recognize .pef. If I remember correctly, the
> batch RAW conversion with KPhotoAlbum uses dcraw. I much prefer
> UFRaw.

Starting with 3.1, we use the very same library as digikam, so if 
digikam works, KPA works, too.

>>> In my version, invoking an external program (such as
>> GIMP) to do the
>>> correction causes KPhotoAlbum to crash.
>> I don't recall happening this to me either. Does this happen all
>> the time for you?
> Yes, all the time.

Yep, it was an extremely annoying null pointer dereference caused by 
internationalization of the GUI menus and occurred each and every time 
user tried to invoke an external application.


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