[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum and digiKam comparisons

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane at fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 1 16:04:43 BST 2008

Murray Strome venit, vidit, dixit 01.07.2008 13:32:
> KPhotoAlbum 3.0.2 ((under KDE 3.5.8) in Kubuntu
> The good:
> The bad:
> It is not terribly stable.

Can you be more specific here? I don't recall stability problems with 
the release build.

> It does NOT recognize my RAW photos (Pentax .pef)

KP 3.1 uses a new library for RAWs, so chances are your RAWs are supported.

Alas, at least for me (using a Canon EOS 350D) KP 3.1 has a regression: 
rotation for raws and their thumbnails is wrong again. (KP 3.0.2 
contains a patch by myself which fixed that.)

> There is no inherent image correction

There are a few KIPI plugins. What functionality are you missing?

Personally, I prefer KP focussing on image organisation, while leaving 
other stuff to ther programmes.

> In my version, invoking an external program (such as GIMP) to do the 
> correction causes KPhotoAlbum to crash.

I don't recall happening this to me either. Does this happen all the 
time for you?

> I am looking forward to upgrading my Kubuntu to 8.04 with KDE 4 in the 
> near future, and to trying digiKam 10.x to see what improvements have 
> been made, and also to try the newer version of KPhotoAlbum (3.1.1 and 
> the one planned for KDE 4). 

Unfortunately, the new version uses KDE graphics libraries newer then 
the ones shipped with Fedora 9 and probably with Kubuntu 8.04. This has 
kept me from compiling it so far, and probably keeps many more from 
trying it out. On the other hand, active development takes place in that 
new branch only.


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