[KPhotoAlbum] Fwd: Copying data & grouping file

Ted Miller limaohio123-CompMailLists at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 26 02:40:27 BST 2008

Thanks for the info.  Some additional comments/questions below.

 >> 1. I have my photos on a RAID5 array on a server in my basement.  Can I
 >> access the kphotoalbum index from both my Centos machine (running
 >> kphotoalbum version 3.0) and my Fedora9 machine (running 3.1.1)?  My
 >> main machine is the Centos one, so that is where I will probably look
 >> for photos to actually USE them (put them into something else).
 >> However I find it useful to have the Fedora9 machine for using some of
 >> the programs I can't find .rpms for, or for programs where I want a
 >> later version.

Still looking for answer to "Can I use 3.0 and 3.1 to access the same 
database without problems?"  Since 3.1 is not available for Centos (or 
RHEL) AFAIK, upgrading is not an option.

>> 2. I thought I read a comment somewhere that said I could copy the tags,
>> date, etc from one photo to another, but I can't figure out how to do that.
>>  Is this possible?  If not, could it be added?  It would make life easier
>> until the parent/child/group/derivative functionality that Paul has been
>> playing with makes it into a production version.
> When tagging multiple photos in one go (select many photos in the
> thumbs view, press ctrl+1), there you can copy the tags from the
> previously tagged photos.

Have looked for this, but have not figured out how to do it for all the 
information for a photo at once.

> This is useful if you have many shots that
> have the same people and so on. But as far as I know, you can't pick a
> random image and copy the tags to any other photo.

>> 5. If I set up my photo storage using .xmp files, is there a way that I can
>> get KPhotoAlbum to read the original picture date from the .xmp file and
>> ignore whatever the editing program put into the .jpg or .tif or .png file?
> What's an xmp?  I suppose it's a raw format or something..

No.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Metadata_Platform.

>> 6. What formats have the capability to embed info (that can be read by
>> KPA?).  I usually create a .tif or .png from my raw files, because I
>> usually edit them in some other program before I am ready to print them.  I
>> hate having to go back and correct the date/time on each individual file
>> (that is why I asked about copying data in #2 above).  If one uncompressed
>> format carries the original date/time and another doesn't, I will use the
>> one that does for my "un-rawed" files.

This question was not answered due to misunderstanding of .xmp files. UFRaw can
embed exif data in .png files, and I hope that KPA can read it, but I have not
run a test to find out yet.

> Risto in Helsinki

Hope you or someone else can help fill in some of my knowledge gaps.

Ted in Indiana

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