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Answered to Ted, here's a copy to the mailing list


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Hi Ted! Nice if you've found KPA to be useful. Here're some comments & answers:

On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 12:18 AM, Ted Miller <limaohio123-CompMailLists at yah

> 1. I have my photos on a RAID5 array on a server in my basement.  Can I
> access the kphotoalbum index from both my Centos machine (running
> kphotoalbum version 3.0) and my Fedora9 machine (running 3.1.1)?  My main
> machine is the Centos one, so that is where I will probably look for photos
> to actually USE them (put them into something else).  However I find it
> useful to have the Fedora9 machine for using some of the programs I can't
> find .rpms for, or for programs where I want a later version.

I'd suggest you try to update the centos KPA version to a newer -
there have been many improvements and fixes after 3.0. And I'm not
sure if the database/XML file format has experienced some changes but
I'd suggest you use the same version with all computers. But
generally, you should be able to have the database on the server and
then mount it to a remote computer and let KPA read the data there.
But I suggest you try this with a test photo collection first. And of
course it'll somewhat slower to use over the network than from a local
hard drive.

> 2. I thought I read a comment somewhere that said I could copy the tags,
> date, etc from one photo to another, but I can't figure out how to do that.
>  Is this possible?  If not, could it be added?  It would make life easier
> until the parent/child/group/derivative functionality that Paul has been
> playing with makes it into a production version.

When tagging multiple photos in one go (select many photos in the
thumbs view, press ctrl+1), there you can copy the tags from the
previously tagged photos. This is useful if you have many shots that
have the same people and so on. But as far as I know, you can't pick a
random image and copy the tags to any other photo.

> 3. What plug-ins do you folks find particularly useful?  FYI, I shoot a lot
> of raw/jpeg, do most of my photo editing in Cinepaint (Gimp when starting
> with 8 bit material), use UFRaw, and have a partially calibrated work
> environment (monitor is calibrated, Epson R1900 printer is close, working
> on scanner and HP DJ712C).

I myself don't use the plugins too much. Sometimes a handy html
gallery generator would be good, so far I've been using Kallery and my
own java html gallery generator mostly. Also sometimes the KPA built
int gallery generator.

> 4. What plug-ins should I probably disable (duplicates, useless, buggy, etc).


> 5. If I set up my photo storage using .xmp files, is there a way that I can
> get KPhotoAlbum to read the original picture date from the .xmp file and
> ignore whatever the editing program put into the .jpg or .tif or .png file?

What's an xmp? I suppose it's a raw format or something..
But I suggest you get to know exiftool: you can use it to copy exif
data from file to another one. I'd suggest you copy the exif from the
xmp to jpg (do png:s use exif?), you also can set the file date to
match the original.

> 6. What formats have the capability to embed info (that can be read by
> KPA?).  I usually create a .tif or .png from my raw files, because I
> usually edit them in some other program before I am ready to print them.  I
> hate having to go back and correct the date/time on each individual file
> (that is why I asked about copying data in #2 above).  If one uncompressed
> format carries the original date/time and another doesn't, I will use the
> one that does for my "un-rawed" files.

There is the option 'skip jpg if raw found' or similar in newer
versions. This should just ignore the similar named jpg, it it finds
your xmp.

> Thanks for any question you can answer.
> Ted in Indiana

You're welcome!

Risto in Helsinki

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| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi
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