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Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Tue Sep 18 08:22:48 BST 2007


Thanks for your suggestions Risto. In general I'd say changing default
key bindings is a bad thing. One can always change personal key bindings
if he wants to.

However, I'd like to see some of your suggestions in the next version of
KPA if other agree on them as well. See inline comments for details...

On 18 Sep 2007, Risto H. Kurppa wrote:

> Here are some keybindings (you can see the full list in KPA-> Settings
> -> Configure Shortcuts..)
> Thumbnail view:
> Ctrl + S: Save
> Ctrl + F: Find
> Enter: Open the selected image in the viewer
> Ctrl + I Open the selected set of images in the viewer
> PgUp & PgDn: scroll the thumbnails up/down
> Ctrl + 1: tag selected images individually
> Ctrl + 2: tag selected images as a set
> Viewer:
> Ctrl + I: Toggle the info box
> Enter: Toggle full screen
> Ctrl + 1: tag the shown image
> PgUp & PgDn: scroll to next image
> Ctrl + T : show tooltips on thumbs

This one belongs to the Thumbnail View.

> I've learned that (KDE) apps usually use F11 (konqueror, firefox) or
> Ctrl+Alt+F (Kaffeine, Gwenview) for full screen toggle. What do you
> think about this, should this be change somehow?

Not 100% sure but I think I used Enter in other KDE applications as well.
Or maybe Crtl-Enter. However, the Enter key is the one I have the least
problems with.

> This is the first time I saw the Ctrl+S -option - I didn't know there
> is a feature like this and I've been using this for almost 2 years.

Same for me. A menu entry in the "Options" menu would eventually help.

> The Ctrl+T -thing I learned like 6 months ago.. I'd say a normal user
> will not go and read the shortcut list to find out about all the
> features a program has: I'd say we need buttons for these in the
> annotation dialog.

There are buttons for this. However, I don't use the alphabetic search
often, so I didn't know the shortcut.

> But again, Ctrl+S - double usage.. I really hate
> when I accidentally press Ctrl+S (trying to Search) instead of Ctrl+F
> (Find) and end up waitig for the computer to save the database..

Good point, but Ctrl-S is "save" nearly everywhere (except emacs). I
wouldn't change this one.

> Viewer: some programs use number 1 to show the image on actual size
> (pixel for pixel). I don't know about the fit to screen, but . sound
> weird to me. + and - make sense.

+, -, = make sense. They are used in various programs. Don't know about
the '.' thing. Personally I rarely use it but I think it's a good

> And one more: It's a mess with all the windows.. Open an image, then
> press ctrl+1, you have three windows open. Press OK, it focuses the
> main window, not the image you just had open.

This is something that annoyed me so many times. KPA should definitely
remember the previous focus when closing the annotation dialog!

- martin
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