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Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Mon Sep 17 22:54:16 BST 2007


I've been trying to use KPA from beginners perspective, what's easy to
learn and what feels weird. I realize it's hard after using it for
almos two years, but anyway.. Just to make it easier to learn for a
new user.

Here are some keybindings (you can see the full list in KPA-> Settings
-> Configure Shortcuts..)

Thumbnail view:
Ctrl + S: Save
Ctrl + F: Find
Enter: Open the selected image in the viewer
Ctrl + I Open the selected set of images in the viewer
PgUp & PgDn: scroll the thumbnails up/down
Ctrl + 1: tag selected images individually
Ctrl + 2: tag selected images as a set

Ctrl + I: Toggle the info box
Enter: Toggle full screen
Ctrl + 1: tag the shown image
PgUp & PgDn: scroll to next image
Ctrl + T : show tooltips on thumbs
=, -, +, . various zoom things..

Annotation dialog:
Ctrl+T: toggle sorting
Ctrl+S: Show only selected images
Ctrl+Enter: OK dialog

What I'd think confuses many is the double usage of Ctrl+I and Enter:
depending on the view they do a completely different thing.

I've learned that (KDE) apps usually use F11 (konqueror, firefox) or
Ctrl+Alt+F (Kaffeine, Gwenview) for full screen toggle. What do you
think about this, should this be change somehow?

This is the first time I saw the Ctrl+S -option - I didn't know there
is a feature like this and I've been using this for almost 2 years.
The Ctrl+T -thing I learned like 6 months ago.. I'd say a normal user
will not go and read the shortcut list to find out about all the
features a program has: I'd say we need buttons for these in the
annotation dialog.. But again, Ctrl+S - double usage.. I really hate
when I accidentally press Ctrl+S (trying to Search) instead of Ctrl+F
(Find) and end up waitig for the computer to save the database..

Ctrl + T: Toggle sorting & show tooltips.. Double usage..

And Ctrl+C - Indeed I'm happy to see a Copy item in the menu (at least
in the SVN version), thank you, we've been missing it!

Viewer: some programs use number 1 to show the image on actual size
(pixel for pixel). I don't know about the fit to screen, but . sound
weird to me. + and - make sense.

Ctrl -: run slower
Ctrl +: run faster

But when you press these, you actually see the delay in seconds
between images. And now, when you press Ctrl -, it actually increases
the number there and that's not logical.. So I suggest we change the
Ctrl + and Ctrl - in the slideshow..

What an awful mess this email is.. Anyway, give your comments and
thoughts about the current shortcuts. I know they're not bad for you,
but do they make sense for a beginner?

And one more: It's a mess with all the windows.. Open an image, then
press ctrl+1, you have three windows open. Press OK, it focuses the
main window, not the image you just had open. I don't know if there's
a solution for this but it'd be cool if the search was part of the
main window..

And, well, that has nothing to do with the key bindings, but a feature
to connect a token to a keyword would be great.. Now if I tag a set of
photos with, say, 20 different tokens, I have to search for all of
them once at the time, select all, open annotation dialog, deselect
the token letter, add the keywords, press OK and do the next search,
and all this without actually knowing which tokens have images. So if
there was a way to open an annotation dialog for all images that have
a token, I'd be happy. And no, the browser doesn't do it, since it's
too slow to use: from home, three clicks to show the images, then
select, annotate, press back, two clicks to show etc... Browser's just
too slow to use..

But anyway, I'm very happy with KPA, especially now with full NEF
support. I'd just like to make it more user friendly to get more

Send your comments about the key bindings!




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