[KPhotoAlbum] Pan operation.

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Fri Sep 14 09:19:53 BST 2007

Mark Eichin wrote:
> Hmm.  It would still be useful without having to get it from exif
> data... I add Location kimdaba-tags to most of my images, plus just
> about everything I put on flickr I put on the map - and I should
> really pull all that back in to kimdaba, but it didn't occur to me
> until now :-)

I don't know about any service that would return me geographic
coordinates when given arguments "Česká republika", "Českosaské Švýcarsko".

Although simply adding, for example, a button "show this on map" to the
infobox would be trivial, I'm not sure what would users do with such a
feature. If it was, on the other hand, implemented with real geographic
coordinates, one could run queries like "show me pictures taken near


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