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Sorry, I can't resist :).

As a newbie, you should try the main ubuntu system. Kubuntu is reputed to be
a little less stable than ubuntu using gnome instead of KDE (also maybe a
bit less correctly packaged).

I personally recently switched from a Kanotix install to the last Ubuntu
Feisty and had no problem, and almost no need to go onto the command line.
My computer is a laptop screen is a wide 15,4" (so 1280x800 ideal
resolution) and also had not the least problem  graphically configuring my

Maybe your machine is too recent to have the driver thoroughly available
under linux and that's the cause of your problem. But Linux is definitely
usable as a desktop, and as already said recently, you're speaking to people
who just uses their linux box to watch dvds, listen music (ogg or even mp3),
browsing the internet, coding and so on without compulsorily having to dig
into the system config file every single minute... When it works, it just
works for a long time.


2007/4/28, Neil Paisnel <neil at paisnel.co.uk>:
> Hey Peter, not flaming linux , do like it just taking a lot of setting
> up.  Command line stuff new syntax etc to learn.  I can and have been doing
> for years before windows with DOS and CPM stuff.  With windoze now cmd stuff
> is almost no existent on the general setup level
> OK, so the keyboard 'works' but trying to get UK keyboard setup and stay
> setup after a re boot seems to be a problem at the moment.  UK keyboard
> layout, compact 77 (75?) or so key unit, still have not got all the
> characters working so they give the the same as printed on them.  And for
> household harmony reasons cant really change to a bigger standard unit.
> Any how, cheers guys, after a nights sleep, am feeling ready for battle
> once more, would like to respond to all points made, but that is then
> getting me distracted from the task in hand…getting a linux box setup and
> trying a compile to KPA for the GF's machine.
> Oh BTW.  Had some joy last night with getting the kubuntu system  more
> stable.  Downlaoded a Feisty distro from a different mirror.  Maybe some I
> had been using had not been corrupt/bad CD burns, who knows?
> Neil
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