[KPhotoAlbum] KPA and Windows

Piotrek pitrasw at wp.pl
Fri Apr 27 17:46:27 BST 2007

> That is a shame.  Would like to use linux, have been wanting to go over to
> it for a few years now.  but it is just not usable enough yet.
I know I should keep quiet and not dig Linux vs. Windows topic... but I guess 
I got my bad day and can't force myself not to answer on Your post.
1) Yes, I can't say You're wrong. Linux is sometimes (or often) more difficult 
to setup, especially in hardware area. You are right.
2) Yes, the most wonderfull thing in Windows is that it usually works out of 
the box... and new equipment works also usually just after I plug it into 
Windows box... Again, I agree.
3) It's not Linux false, nor us false, that this is how it is. KPA is, in 
general, Linux app, not Windows app! Possibility of porting it to Windows is 
a bonus feature, not a main feature! Hardware manufacturers should worry 
about if their hardware works nicely in Linux or they should strongly help to 
the Linux community (drivers, documentation etc.). We can see that Nvidia is 
tryin', ATI also... this is still poor but it's better than nothing.
4) Does anyone is porting Windows software to Linux? Maybe Adobe... but anyone 
else?  So why porting should work in the reverse direction? I would be really 
happy if someone would port EAC, Foobar or few drivers or some program to run 
pivot-screen function...

However future seems to be better for Windows users who are keeping away from 
Linux, if Windows will receive few killer-apps ported to it from Linux, 
including KPA (which, I assume, it is only time case). But this will take a 
long time... so try something else than waiting with taging Your photos.

Oh... IIRC Knoppix DVD (or even CD edition) got the KPA (temporary solution).

And Linux... it got pluses and minuses... like Windows... You choose... nobody 
else but You... so please don't put flames on Linux... if You don't like it, 
just don't use it. Nobody forces You to use it.

Best wishes

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