[KPhotoAlbum] KPA and Windows

Heinz Kohl kohl at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Apr 27 17:06:37 BST 2007

Am Freitag 27 April 2007 16:28 schrieb Neil Paisnel:
> That is a shame.  Would like to use linux, have been wanting to go over to
> it for a few years now.  but it is just not usable enough yet.  I have just
> started to play around with it, .. Looks like I’ll have to try MAC or stick 
with windows
> at least it is usable out of the box

This is not the forum to discuss the weaknesses of systems, but ...

Linux is far from being perfect.
But in relation to XP ...
I'm using both XP and Linux on 3 machines.
I've some strange problems when installing Linux because I'm using in part old 
hardware, but Linux is working with it, XP isn't.

'not usable enough' - do you speak from a 'complete' XP professional 

I'm using Linux for more than 95% of the time, but XP is taking much more than 
50% of my system maintenance time - in fact some days in a year, making more 
software troubles. This despite the facts, that XP is maintained by a system 
manager, Linux I've to maintain for my own, XP is having only security 
patches, Linux is really updated.

Yesterday my 256MB "think pad" with "XP professional out of the box" guided by 
a lot of virus checking; disks unfragmented; was still unable to start a 
browser, but after a day making the usual tests (adware found and removed) XP 
is starting up in "extremely fast" 20 min and to start firefox is taking not 
more than 10 min ... maybe, loading XP patches and checking viruses is taking 
most of the time ...
Now, next week the system admin will be lucky to look for the machine - I 
think, after some hours of work she will take the pain to completely 
reinstall the old system (this will take much more time than to install a new 
linux system - every additional software package is working like an 
additional tamagotchi; installing of thousands of security patches will 
request a lot of restarts).

People wishing to have less troubles with their system as they would have with 
linux should definitely use MAC and avoid to use XP/Vista in a the same 
manner as a devil would avoid holy water.

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