[KPhotoAlbum] Select subcategories, annotating photographs

Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Thu Apr 19 07:38:38 BST 2007

On Wednesday, 18. April 2007 20:45 Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> 2007/4/18, Angel Lopez <anglopm at gmail.com>:
> > It could be interesting that people write here their "method" or
> > "order" to catalog their collection with KPA.
> As I said earlier, I have my photos organized in
> /year/yyyy-mm-dd-description folder structure so I can easily find
> photos with file browser as well.

Same for me. Where 'description' is something like "Christmas at 
home", "Climbing in Surrey", or "Party at Reinhard's".

> In addition to that, I also have 'Events' category, like Tuomas said.
> It's handy to create all kinds of groupings. For example I usually
> make a group for a party, say 'Granny's 80th birthday' or 'Trip to
> China'.

I don't have a separate Category for this but rather use 
the 'Keywords'-category. I've keywords like "climbing", "party", "holiday". 
Maybe using an additional 'Event'-category would be a good idea for finer 
granularity, but then my information available via the folder name is 
somehow redundant :(

> Actually - I think Events could be a category in the default
> installation. I think some other photo archive softwares have it and
> it's quite handy to have, but I think all users don't come up with the
> idea to create it themselves.

good point.

- martin
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