[KPhotoAlbum] Select subcategories, annotating photographs

Angel Lopez anglopm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 16:48:07 BST 2007

> > I have a question about working with supercategories. If I make a
> > supercategory called "France" and two subcategories for it: "Paris"
> > and "Grenoble", for example. I have seen that I can put a mark in
> > "Paris" but "France" is not selected, while one should want to have
> > both selected, I think.
> If I'm not mistaken, I guess you're using a 3.0 release. There has been some
> really recent dev (in the code since last week) to avoid being able to put
> cycles in the category management.
> So, when you're speaking about seeing France in France, this shouldn't
> possible anymore with the next release, so I guess this point won't have
> existence in the near future.
> Am I right? Is this the behaviour you're speaking about?

Not really, I think. It has been explained by Shawn Willden in the
previous answer.

> > What is your opinion about it?
> >
> > I have also more question on annotating: My photographs are in
> > directories called "YYYY-MM-12_Description", which was useful for me
> > in the past to keep things ordered. Do you recommend me, to use this
> > description in any field when I annotate images? Where? Label
> > perhaps...
> I never use it, but I seem to remember that there's a description field in
> the annotate dialog. I'll check tonight (no kpa at work :p).

Sure, It exists thanks,

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