[KPhotoAlbum] Select subcategories, annotating photographs

Angel Lopez anglopm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 16:03:49 BST 2007


I have started using Kphotoalbum some days ago to sort a little, my
collection of photographs taken with my digicam in only 4 years.

I have a question about working with supercategories. If I make a
supercategory called "France" and two subcategories for it: "Paris"
and "Grenoble", for example. I have seen that I can put a mark in
"Paris" but "France" is not selected, while one should want to have
both selected, I think.

What is your opinion about it?

I have also more question on annotating: My photographs are in
directories called "YYYY-MM-12_Description", which was useful for me
in the past to keep things ordered. Do you recommend me, to use this
description in any field when I annotate images? Where? Label

I've noticed that One can search also by folder, but the text you type
in must be exactly the beginning of the folder name, (which is not my

Thanks in advance. And congratulations for this really great piece of
good software.

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