[KPhotoAlbum] Cycles in member maps

Tuomas Suutari thsuut at utu.fi
Tue Apr 10 18:43:35 BST 2007

On 2007-04-10 Tuesday 20:09, Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
> As I think that's the code of my patch was the one that was committed
> to prevent cycles, I come into the conversation.

I'm not sure if Jesper modified it, but basicly it was your patch that 
was commited and is currently in use in KPA 3.0.

> But I know that my code does not handle all cases very well. I'm not
> even sure that Jesper really used my code as it was (and it wouldn't
> matter :p). I think it does only manage A to not contain A. But I
> don't think it handles transitivity (not display A in the C list if C
> contains B that contains A).

Yes, there were no checks for any other types of cycles than A-in-A 

So I added code to check for any kind of cycles. That's now commited to 
SVN (trunk and 3.0.x). It's also in the upcoming 3.0.1.

ps. 3.0.1 should be out as soon as Jesper has time to add packages to 
KPhotoAlbum web site. For the impatient, those packages are already at 
my university web area: http://users.utu.fi/thsuut/kphotoalbum/

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