Testing video support (was Re: [KPhotoAlbum] New snapshot)

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Thu Sep 28 02:26:33 BST 2006

El Lunes, 25 de Septiembre de 2006 11:55, Rafael Beccar escribió:
> El Domingo, 24 de Septiembre de 2006 13:48, Jesper K. Pedersen escribió:
> > Could someone who do not see videos in the viewer (when pressing Ctrl+i
> > or doule clicking on an thumbnail), please let me know what the section
> > on mpg says in "Help->KPhotoAlbum Feature Status"
> The following was tested in two different systems. Both are Debian testing,
> one of them is 32bits and the other 64bits.
> First I've tried finding what applications are a KPart for video/mpeg.
> Those I've found were:
> - kaboodle
> - kaffeine
> - kmplayer
> The one of them I use is kaffeine (kaboodle and kmplayer are not working
> well in my systems).

OK, I found how to configure kmplayer properly and it is working now. So, I 
can see videos inside KPA now.    :-)

What I did in kmplayer was:

1) Setting->Configure...->General Options->Output->Video driver->X11Shm
2) Setting->Configure...->Source->URL->Use movie player->Xine   (because 
Mplayer is not available in Debian).

However, it seems there are still two problems:

Every time I use kmplayer from KPA I have to set again Xine as the movie 
player (step 2). Because KPA put it at Mplayer instead of Xine every time 
kmplayer is called.

The other problem is that kaffeine still makes KPA crash on exit and does not 
play video. So, if a user has kaffeine as default player to see embedded 
video, KPA won't play the video and will crash on exit (despite feature 
status says that video support is enabled).


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