[KPhotoAlbum] Recursive Folders?

Steffen Jost SteffenJost at web.de
Wed Sep 20 12:24:22 BST 2006

Hi! I am new, but I have read through the manual (help:kphotoalbum), I've seen the FAQ in the Wiki and I have seen and listened to the tutorial movies on kphotoalbum.org. However, I still have questions and hope this is the right place to ask them. 

I have previously my photos arranged by directories. This is proved insufficient and I want to use
KPhotoalbum now.

What does the save button in the upper left of the "view images"/thumbnail-view? Is it affected by the currently selected images (e.g. like the native html-export function)? Or is it simply for saving the entire global .xml database of KPhotoalbum? Why would I want to hit save before exiting KPhotoalbum at all?

How do I select all pictures in an entire directory branch (i.e. including the subfolders?)

For example, I want to assign the keyword 'Holiday' to all my pictures in '/pictures/holiday'. However, there are twenty subfolders like '/pictures/holidays/denmark/2005/summer' and '/pictures/holidays/scotland/2006/spring' and I currently see now way to assign an attribute to all in one step.

The Folder category only selects pictures in the folder itself and prohibits me from selecting multiple folders at once. Also the search function does not allow wildcards in folders.  :( 

So I tried to define a member group for all sub-folders, but it seems that folders are treated quite differently compared to categories (why?), prohibiting me from defining member groups for all sub-directories a directory.

Unfortunately, KPhotoalbum does not show a version number in Help->About
KPhotoalbum, but SMART says that the RPM package shows version 2.2-6.3.


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