[KPhotoAlbum] Video feature for newcomers, "ergonomics" :-)

Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Sat Sep 16 19:11:30 BST 2006

Hey again,

Another thing about added video feature : I think the "view images"
option in the main window is not the right string to use anymore.

In fact, it seems to me that it's now bizarre to see "View Images"
option, then "4532 images", then "235 videos" on the same line.
Moreover, clicking on "View images" does not show you only images as
some newcomer would expect, but gives you all images AND photos.

I'm not new to KimDaBa/KPA, but still I tried clicking on the string
saying "235 videos" to see if it would only show me my vids. So,
thinking about it, I feel this behaviour could be an idea.

I'd see that :
* Replacing "View images" by "View all" or something like that
=> clicking on it would show every images AND videos, as it does now.

* clicking on the images or vids numbers would respectively show you
only images or vids you own.

What do you think ?

PS : I just noticed image thumbnails do not seem to be generated in
the Thumbnails dir anymore ? Could someone indicate me where it's now
located ? Thanks a lot.

Baptiste <Batmat> Mathus
BMathus at Batmat point net - http://batmat.net
Si chacun de nous a une idée et que nous les partageons, nous
repartirons tous les deux avec deux idées... C'est ça le Libre.

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