[KPhotoAlbum] Time to vote in splash screen contest

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sat Sep 16 08:01:22 BST 2006

Boys and girls, the contest is over, now it is time to vote. And man are you 
up for a hard job here, there are so many cool submissions.

The vote will run in two rounds, first you vote on the 28 contributions below, 
next the five highest rated will go to the second round, where you vote a 
second time.

In the first round you have 5 points to give out, the points are from 1 to 5. 
Thus you must give one image 5 point, another 4 point, a third 3 point etc.

To vote, send an email to blackie at kde.org (dont just reply to this email!) 
with subject "My vote round 1", the mail should look something like this: 

5 point: Contribution A
4 point: Contribution B
3 point: Contribution C
2 point: Contribution D
1 point: Contribution E

Of course A-E should be the actual contribution you want to vote on.  

In the second round, you will get another 5 points as above, but this time 
there will of course only be 5 images to vote on.

Votes for round 1 must be sent to me at latest Wednesday Sep. 20th 18.00 
Danish time (aka a CET :-)

(Did I mention you should not just reply to this email, but send a new email 
to vote.)

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