[KPhotoAlbum] raw photos once again..

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Fri Sep 15 08:28:28 BST 2006

 Hi Risto,

 A regexp match (to exclude certain files - typically raw files)
 would do what you want, based upon the fact that your .nef
 filenames exist and can therefore be ignored.

 The way that you work .. isn't necessarily how others organise
 their [raw] files, so implementing a system that relies upon raw
 files being in the same sub-directory and/or sharing most of
 the name, etc -- won't work for other people I suspect.

 Or .. to answer your question:

 ] So, how does it work, which RAW file formats it recognizes
 ] and how does it recognize jpeg/tiff and raw versions of an
 ]  image? Is there an easy way to just ignore all .nef - files...?

 ignore-list:  nef$


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