[KPhotoAlbum] Private images becoming public after conversion

Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Mon Sep 11 11:45:40 BST 2006

2006/9/11, Tuomas Suutari <thsuut at utu.fi>:
> On 2006-09-04 Monday 10:17, Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
> > When I convert my old index.xml, opening it with the svn version of
> > kphotoalbum, all my photos that should be protected are visible,
> > although they weren't with the old kimdab (I set a filter with the
> > kimdaba functionnality on the images having a particular keyword).
> Hi Baptiste. Do you mean conversion to SQL?
> Privacy locking isn't yet implemented in SQL backend.

No, I only mean XML. I just opened KPA. This one converted the old xml
to the new one, and it seems that the privacy settings were wiped out
during the operation :-/.

Am I the only one using this feature ? :-) The fact this is missing
does not seem to annoy a lot of people, is not it ? However, I swear
it's a very useful one for me (so, I think I can't be the only one in
the world :D) : even in the cas where I am the one using kpa to show
photos, knowing that certain images are hidden and won't be displayed
is a bit reassuring :).

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