[KPhotoAlbum] Re: Excluding folders

Christoph Moseler forums at moseler.net
Sat Sep 9 19:50:33 BST 2006

Hi John,

I had the same problem and I posted a fix for that about a week ago:

void NewImageFinder::searchForNewFiles( const QDict<void>& loadedFiles, 
QString directory )
         else if ( fi.isDir() )  {
+            QString dirName = file.mid( imageDir.length()+1 );
+            if ( ! DB::ImageDB::instance()->isBlocking( dirName ) )
                 searchForNewFiles( loadedFiles, file );

After that you add an entry to the blocklist in your index.xml like that:

   <block file="exclude" />

KPA then will skip /whatever/your_kpa_root/exclude when searching for 
new images. The disadvantage for now is, that you have to add the 
entries with your favorite text editor by hand. Maybe Jesper can add a 
dialog where directories to be exclude can be defined.


John Pearson wrote:
> On Saturday 09 September 2006 10:48 am, you wrote:
>> then, *nix makes it possible to create copies that aren't really copies so
>> you can arrange for KPA to see what you want.  Come to think of it, that's
>> probably the reason the exclusion feature hasn't already been implemented.
>>         Shawn.
> Thank you.  Yes.  I am using my existing structure while I am testing.  The 
> results have been very positive since I managed to limit the number of images 
> with which I am dealing.  
> The only downside to this approach which I can see is a set of 37K lines in 
> the <blocklist>.
> A parallel folder structure for the exclusive use of kpa is succinct.  It 
> won't disturb backups, or conflict with other applications using the images.  
> And Krename offers the functionality, unless I choose to script it.
> It has been quite a while since I have done anything but scripting in bash or 
> perl.
> -jp

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