[KPhotoAlbum] Excluding folders

John Pearson jpearson42 at wowway.com
Thu Sep 7 20:04:14 BST 2006

Hi All,

Yesterday was haze of frustration.  Kpa is unusable in the 50K image range.  
Screen changes take a minute or more.  Kpa does not stack events, so you end 
up as preprocessor for a program [very 1980ish].

So I spent a lot of time reading the documentation twice, and reading back a
year in the mail list archives.  My thought being that further back than
that would not be useful.

I did not find what I needed.  Setting root as ~/pix/, kpa cataloged 53K+
images.  But 28K of that number represent a single resource library of
images that do not need to be part of the set that kpa is needed to manage.
But moving the folder to another location would involve finding and changing
numbers of references, and would make obsolete several years of archiving
and backup.

A further complication is that all of the thumb/ folders, generated by the
Gallery option of Konqueror, added another 16K of redundant images to the

I need a way to exclude portions of the directory tree from active
consideration.  I have found none.  The best workaround that I have managed
to achieve is to temporarily rename folders as invisible [thumbs -> .thumbs]
and invoke the Maintenance/Display Images Not on Disk option to identify the
renamed images.  Then I did a view images, select all, Edit/Delete images
[Block from Database - is there some way to change the defaults for the
dialog?]  Finally, I undid the rename [.thumbs -> thumbs]

I wish for, am looking for, a method or option to define exclusions, either
by globbing, or by creating a list of folders that should not be part of the
managed set of images.

Is there something that I am overlooking?

I have just spent some time creating a set of 40 categories and applying them 
to 250 images.  I am very, very impressed. 


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