[KPhotoAlbum] categories are loosing their images

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Fri Sep 1 18:04:12 BST 2006

Thanks that nailed it down. (It might not be checked in yet, when you read 
this, I'm on my way home currently)

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 07:56, Christoph Moseler wrote:
| > I can't reproduce this bug unfortunately.
| > Is it reproducable for you each and every time?
| Yes. I tried it now with revision 578829, same behavior.
| > I uploaded a new snapshot with a fix to the crash you saw, and that fix
| That one is doesn't occur any more, thanks.
| Hm, it is important, that you first click on the "Apply"-Button of the
| settings dialog and after that on "OK". Clicking on Apply takes one or
| two seconds. When I click on OK afterwards, it also takes a while, but I
| would assume, that this would come back immediately, because the change
| (renaming a category) are already done to the in memory database.
| The same misbehavior is occuring, if you press the "Apply"-button twice.
| So it seems, that the internal todo-list is not cleared after pressing
| Apply.
| OK, I had a closer look to the code now:
| When Apply has been clicked, Settings::SettingsDialog::slotMyOK() will
| be called. There you make the changes on the DB::ImageDB::instance().
| But I can see, where the CategoryItem* item 's _...Orig members are set
| to the now applied values. In my opinion you have to read the QListBox
| _categories again like you do in Settings::SettingsDialog::show().
| Cheers,
| Christoph
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