[KPhotoAlbum] Improved image viewer?

Jason Kivlighn jkivlighn at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 19:33:41 GMT 2006

> > What options would you expect?
> I meant turning it off if one doesn't like it.
> However, thinking a bit more about it I'm not totally sure if disabling
> this
> feature is necessary at all. What I want is a view where i only see my
> images without any other information covering parts of the image (like the
> infobox). But this new navigation widget would probably (hopefully) not
> cover anything of the picture but just add widgets to the viewer window
> which is probably a good idea (as jedd mentioned gwenview has a quite good
> UI, have a look at it).

It looks to me like I'd be trivial to have a setting to enable/disable it.
I guess I won't worry too much about that for now.  And right, the idea is
that the image never be covered up.

> > One thing i'm still missing in KPA is navigation in the image-viewer if
> > > only one image was selected. There were suggestions before, to make
> the
> > > viewer assume a selection of all images from the current browser-view
> > > if none/only one was atually selected. Unfortunately noone implemented
> > > this till now.
> >
> > Sounds like a really good idea to me too.  What do you mean that no one
> > implemented this until now?
> Some time ago people were talking about this feature. However it seems
> nobody had time or interest in implementing it :-(
> If every day just had a few more hours... ;-)

Ah, so the general consensus is that users would want this?  From the code
I've been browsing through thus far, it seems like that'd be easy to do.
But of course, I'm no KPA expert... but I'll give this a shot.

I have the functionality I originally described practically finished.  I
think I'll play around with it a bit and post a patch in a day or so.

Jason Kivlighn
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