[KPhotoAlbum] Improved image viewer?

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Mon Dec 18 01:52:51 GMT 2006

On Monday 18 December 2006 5:36 am, Jason Kivlighn wrote:
 ] Sounds like a really good idea to me too.  What do you mean that no one
 ] implemented this until now?

 If you select a single image, accidentally or otherwise, you often
 find (well, I often find, and seemingly so does Martin) that you
 want to look at the images before and after that one.  Given that a
 single image view, with only a single image candidate, renders the
 next/last (page-up, page-down?) buttons useless by definition, it
 makes sense to assume the user knows what they're doing, and give
 them what they want -- an implied 'set' of all the photos in the last
 defined set.

 Anyhoo .. I typically use gqview for fast browsing around sets where
 I know what I've got.  Their thumbnail or text listing of files in the
 current directory is simple and functional.

 If you want to get excited, you could offer the facility to dock the
 viewer, change the number and sizes of thumbnails, have it on
 the left/right / top/bottom of the window or screen, or have the
 thumbnails overlaid, using a configurable transparency ... which
 would be uber-wanky, and possibly overkill.   (Does this stuff get
 easier in qt/kde 4 anyway?)


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