[KimDaBa] Latin1 filenames

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Thu Mar 31 08:55:53 BST 2005

I'm choked to see so many instances of latin1 in the code! I'll dig into this 
before the 2.1 release, and hopefull get this resolved.


On Wednesday 30 March 2005 21:28, Tuomas Suutari wrote:
| Hi
| I've used KimDaBa few months and feel very pleased of it. :)
| But since I use UTF-8 as my encoding (including filenames), I was
| required to change some code to make it work correctly. There are some
| places in code which assume filename encoding to be Latin1, which isn't
| always the case. Those places can be found with
| grep .latin1() *.cpp
| I'm not entirely sure is it correct way to fix it, but at least for me
| it works to replace those latin1() methods with local8Bit() methods. If
| I understood correctly, local8Bit() would use local encoding regardless
| of is it Latin1 or UTF-8.
| I include a patch too. (diff -u to cvs version)
| ps. Thanks a lot for this nice piece of software! =)

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