[KimDaBa] Don't allow setting the label in multi-edit view?

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sat Mar 26 10:49:45 GMT 2005

On Friday 04 February 2005 01:27, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
| The multi-edit (ctrl-2) view allows you to set the label of a
| photograph, which doesn't make a lot of sense (change a lot of images
| to have the same name?).  What's worse, this is the field that gets
| the focus by default, so it's very easy to accidentally rename a lot
| of images at once.
Well I can't really make up my mind on this one.

If I disabled this, how would you change the label of a number of images if 
you really wanted to? I did want to do that once a long time ago, but I don't 
even display the labels any more myself.

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