[KimDaBa] Feature req.: Specifying properties for images

Chris forums at moseler.net
Mon Jun 13 19:33:23 BST 2005

Hi Jesper,

attached to this reply you will find a patch describing what I meant. If 
you apply this patch to a 2.1 source tree, Kimdaba has the following new 

- In thumbnail view pressing the keys a-z toggles the token's states of 
the selected image(s). If more the one image is selected, it toggles the 
state of the first images and applies the result to all other selected 
- In the Options I added an new checkbox "Show Tokens in thumbnail 
view". If it is enabled, to tokens are shown below the images.

For me it's useful because know I can select pictures by assigning 
tokens very quickly.

Would be great if you could add it to Kimdaba :-)

('Cause this has been my first experience in programing C, please check 
my changes accurately!)


Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> | What I'm not sure how to do is remove the tokens en masse from a set
> | of images.  It appears to be possible to delete a token altogether
> | (with ctrl-2, then select Options... and Show Tokens; you'll get a
> | list of tokens, and can then right click on the token of choice and
> | delete it) but that will remove it from *all* images, not just the
> | selected set.
> It is not possible to delete tokens from only some images. Why would you want 
> to do that anyway?
> Second, there also is a "delete tokens" from the "Edit" menu.
> Cheers
> Jesper.
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