[KimDaBa] Feature req.: Specifying properties for images

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jun 6 23:01:42 BST 2005

   Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 23:27:55 +0200
   From: Chris <forums at moseler.net>

   yesterday I installed 2.1 after playing arround with 2.0 some months
   ago. It really became fast, and it's accepting now, that RAM is not a
   inexhaustible resource !! Great effort, thanks !

   There is one thing, that in my opinion could be improved a little bit:
   The setting the images properties.

   My current problem is, that we came back from our holiday with approx.
   4000 pictures in our bags. Nobody in the whole wide world who wants to
   see all these pics.

   I added a keyword 'diashow' to my database and want to tag the images we
   want to show with that keyword.

   At the moment I have to press ctrl-1 for each pic, select the diashow
   keyword and press OK. Another way is to select the pics and press ctrl-2.

   Disadvantage of ctrl-1: Lots of clicks.
   Disadvantage of ctrl-2: You selected 50 pics, and then you do a mistake,
   eg. clicking on a pic without pressing ctrl - all pics are deselect and
   you have to do the selection again.

   What I also can't see in the thumbnail-view is, what pics I already
   added to my 'diashow'.

   My suggestion is to add a function called 'fast selection' or something
   like that, that also opens an 'Image Configuration' dialog. Here the
   user can select image properties as usual. After pressing OK Kimdaba
   just remembers these settings. In the thumbnail-view the settings will
   be applied to an image by pressing the + key and disapplied by pressing
   -. If an image in the tn-view has all properties, that have been
   selected in this additional dialog, then a thin red bar will appear
   under the thumbnail.

There's a really easy way to do this: use tokens.  If you're viewing
an image, typing any letter (a-z) assigns that token to the image (or
removes it if it's already assigned).  You can then go back to
category view and select all images bearing that token, and then
assign a keyword to it.

So the way you'd do this is:

1) Select all images that you're interested in (perhaps by selecting
   all images from a date range, viewing those images, and then
   selecting all of them with ctrl-A).

2) View all of the images in sequence with ctrl-I.

3) As you go through the images, type "a" to assign the token "a" to
   the images you later want to tag.

4) When you're done, go back to category view, select Tokens, and
   select "a" from within that.  You can now use ctrl-A, ctrl-2 to
   assign the keyword of choice.

Note that if you exit with changes to tokens but nothing else you
won't be prompted to save, but if you do save, the tokens will be
saved along with everything else.

What I'm not sure how to do is remove the tokens en masse from a set
of images.  It appears to be possible to delete a token altogether
(with ctrl-2, then select Options... and Show Tokens; you'll get a
list of tokens, and can then right click on the token of choice and
delete it) but that will remove it from *all* images, not just the
selected set.

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