[KimDaBa] Red-eye removal

Martin Ehmsen martin at ehmsen.org
Tue Jan 4 19:15:29 GMT 2005


I have a feature request for KimDaBa (or possible it should be a kipi 
plugin). But I think it would be cool and very useful to have some 
red-eye removal tools in kimdaba.
I hate that I have to open my images in another program (gimp) to remove 
What I think would be optimal, but possible impossible, was a tool to 
automatic do it on any number of marked images. This would probably 
require some eye-recognition software, which probably dosen't exists.
Another approach would be to use the zoom-function in KimDaBa to do the 
red-eye removeal. What I would like to be able to do, is that I zoom in 
on a persons eyes (one at a time) and then push a button in KimDaBa 
which then removes the red-eye, and saves the image (probably having an 
option which tells KimDaBa whether or not to ask for "overwriting", 
"save to new" or "cancel").

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