[KimDaBa] Profiling Kimdaba startup

Eivind ekj at vestdata.no
Tue Jan 4 08:01:53 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 07:46, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Robert, thx for your profiling.
> As it looks now, I can't see that there are any thing else I can do to
> speed up things, except rewritting to a real database.

> Rewritting to a real db would be a huge job, and currently I dont see it
> worth it to save at most 2.5+1=3.5 secs. People with 50.000 images might
> disagree, but we aren't really there yet

I agree with this. Spending lots of time to change to a "real db" isn't 
likely to deserve being on the top of the priority list at present. Though 
I do think that keeping the thougth is a good idea, for example in trying 
to not needlessly further complicate a later switch.

> (at least that is not what I hear from most kimdaba users), and once we
> are there, computers are likely so much faster that the 25 secs has gone
> done. 

This however, I disagree with.

A real db migth bring faster startup-times, which is important for people 
with humongous collections of pictures. I think this group of people is 
going to grow very quickly as the years with digital cameras pass. I know 
that my picture-collection grows by atleast a couple of thousand images a 
year, and I'm probably not the only one. 

Secondly, startup-time ain't the only reason a real database can be 
desireable. Another reason that in certain setting is atleast as important 
is multiuser-functionality. With a real database it should be possible for 
more than one person to work against a single image-archive. This is a 
showstopper for basically any professional or half-professional use where 
the users are more than a single person at a time. Similarily it should 
allow more fine-grained access-control since typical databases come with 
such built-in.

		Eivind Kjørstad

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