[KimDaBa] Performance

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jan 2 01:23:57 GMT 2005

BTW, KimDaBa is pretty fast at importing images (and other things).
The new snapshot contains code to read the JPEG file out of Canon raw
(.crw) files, so it suddenly started importing all of them in addition
to the JPEG files I've created next to them (clever hack, BTW).  It
imported the 2000+ raw files in about 5 minutes (AMD Athlon 64 3000+),
or about 7 images/second.

The other night I was importing files into iPhoto, on our Powerbook
for my wife to use (somewhat slower G4 processor, with 512 MB of RAM;
I copied the images onto disk beforehand).  I imported them in several
batches.  These were all JPEG files, mostly about 1.5 megapixels, or
about the same size as the embedded JPEG's in my raw files.  It seemed
to take several seconds per image.

BTW, this new raw loader is quite cool, and may be able to save me a
lot of disk space on my laptop.
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