[KimDaBa] Suggestion for KimDaBa

havoc havoc at harrisdev.com
Mon Feb 14 03:26:44 GMT 2005

Walter Francis wrote:
> suggestion.  The suggestion is that when I'm in the folder view (hit
> Home button, then Folder, or hit back twice) the scroll position be
> saved, as I have 305 categories in the Folder (305 subdirectories) and
> I'm scrolling down to the next one each time I finish one.
> That make more sense?

To amplify:

If I have more folders or sets than appear on the screen when I'm in the 
root of the images, I cannot see the folders/sets at the bottom of the 
list as they are below the bottom of the screen.

When I scroll to the bottom of the page, then click to enter one of 
these folders/sets, and then got back up one level, I have been "reset" 
to the top of the list, and must scroll to the bottom of the screen 
every time I want to enter one of the folders/sets at the bottom (or 
scroll down for a folder/set not in the top of the listing).

It would be magnitudes more friendly if, when I was returned to the 
"root" folder, KimDaBa was able to remember my scrolled location from my 
last visit to the root folder, and return me to that section of the 

Does that make sense?

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