[KimDaBa] Suggestion for KimDaBa

Walter Francis khaytsus at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 15:17:59 GMT 2005

I've started using KimDaBa, and so far I like it pretty well.  I've
been meaning to categorize my images forever, I have over 10,000 and

I had been considering writing my own perl scripts to do what I
wanted, including a CGI back-end, but now I think I'll use KimDaBa as
a front end and maybe use the recently announced perl module to
interface for a cgi script.

A few suggestions:

When I'm populating my large image collection, which is already sorted
into reasonable folders, I'm clicking on the Folders category,
scrolling to a folder, labeling the images, then going Back, Back, to
return.  Each time I do this the list is back to the top.  Is there a
way to not have the list move back to the top each time?  I'm about
1/4th through my images and I"m already scrolling a lot each time.  Or
maybe there's a better way to do it altogether.

Ability to edit existing common labels when doing mult-edit.  If I
select say 40 images, but 10 of them I want to change something on, I
have found I need to edit each one individually if I wish to change
the person to something else, for example.  Only allow editing if the
label is common among all selected images, etc.

Clearing of all labels from selected images.  This might be necessary
if the above is done.

Good work so far!  It's good stuff.  If I ever come up with anything
decent for a cgi or such to interface, I'll send it out, maybe someone
else would use it too.

Walter Francis
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