[KimDaBa] New name for KimDaBa?

havoc havoc at harrisdev.com
Mon Apr 25 01:30:26 BST 2005

IF you're going to rename it, I think you should call it something LIKE

K Image Database
  (or KimDaBa for short)

That said, I DO like "Kaleidoscope," and normally, I shy away from the 
K[named] apps because they seem to have an alienating effect on Gnome 
and other desktop oriented users, HOWEVER....

"Kleidoscope" ... if you go that direction.

"I'm not opinionated, I'm just always right!"


Ricky wrote:
> Hi Jesper,
> I agree that a new name would not be bad.
> First I thought of Kalbum, but this name is already taken. So I searched 
> a little bit further and I'm coming up with the following name:
>  -- Kaleidoskop -- (alternate spelling: Kaleidoscope)
> While everyone of us knows what a kaleidoscope is, few know the real 
> meaning: it's "beautiful image viewer" in greek. I guess that when 
> somebody is using KimDaBa, they want to view (and show) their beautiful 
> images. And then, also, a kaleidoscope always shows new combinations of 
> items, which is also done by KimDaBa: first see all photos taken this 
> month, then, since one of them shows aunt Anna, you can switch the view 
> to see all photos of aunt Anna. And then you come across the wedding of 
> your brother, and here you go. Maybe it's a little bit far-fetched, but 
> why not?

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