[KimDaBa] new (and perhaps final) snapshot

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Sep 27 07:49:33 BST 2004

On Sunday 26 September 2004 23:01, Jean-Michel FAYARD wrote:
| On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 22:32:38 +0200, Jesper K. Pedersen
| <blackie at blackie.dk> wrote:
| > Well the problem with your approach is that the listbox is used for "and"
| > when the dialog is used when annotating.
| > Thus I'm afraid your suggestion would be confusing for users.
| No, because if you look at editor.cpp, you will see :
| if ( _mode == SEARCH )  {
|          [... things are changed here..]
| }
I'm not talking about source code, I'm talking usability.
Users opens the dialog both for editing, and for searching, if the listbox is 
"and" in one situation and "or" in the other, then they might be confused.
| > Anyway, this is something I don't want to change before 2.0.
| > I really have only a few hours to put into KimDaBa before 2.0 release.
| Too bad, because the search dialog is not very useful like that.
| All what it can do, the browsing mode does it better. (Search for "Ann
| and Jesper" "Jesper and USA" ...)
| His only but important pro is to be able to select many choices, but
| this don't work with ''&" as default.
This is for super users anyway.
Besides the introduction dialog tells users about this.

I'm not saying that you might not succeed in changing my mind over time, but 
not this close to the release, sorry.

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