[KimDaBa] KimDaBa 2.0 is getting close - new snapshot available

Dominik Stadler dominik.stadler at gmx.at
Wed Sep 15 21:13:47 BST 2004


I have put the ebuilds that I use to
install kimdaba-snapshot 20040911 with the Gentoo Linux Distribution at 

I currently use a version-number of 1.1d, as 1.1-20040911 did not work
correctly for some reason (I was too lazy to look up the
Gentoo-Version-Policy for these testing-ebuilds). With 1.1d it will emerge
2.0 automatically when it becomes available.

Extract the tar into your PORTAGE_OVERLAY (probably /usr/local/portage/, look
at /etc/make.conf) and re-emerge kimdaba.

Please note that these are not official Gentoo-ebuilds, use at your own risk
and please do not file bugs at bugs.gentoo.org, email me directly with


Am Saturday, 11. September 2004 11:43 schrieb Matt:
> version.h is sitting in the libkipi compile directory.  copy it
> to /usr/include/libkipi or /usr/local/include/libkipi (depending on
> where you're installing), and kipi-plugins should compile.
> Matt

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