[KimDaBa] Problems with Kimdaba

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Fri Sep 10 19:12:54 BST 2004

El Vie 10 Sep 2004 12:41, Roland Crump escribió:
>I like the application very much but I have met problem that I cannot
>solve. If anyone can help I would be grateful.
>Kimdaba has 2 images in it since I set it up but when I try to scan for
>other pictures it does not respond 

I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly, so I'm asking:

When you say "scan for pictures" do you mean that you want to add more 
pictures to your database, right?

Or are you talking about the KIPI plugin that allows you to scan pictures from 
your scanner into Kimdaba?

If the former is right, then this could help:
When you open a Kimdaba database it automatically browse for all the pictures 
in the corresponding directory tree. So, if you want to add more images to 
your default database, just copy or move them to the directory where you have 
the other two images and the index.xml file.

More info here: 


>and I cannot see where Kimdaba  can 
>be reconfigured.
>Yours bemused

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