[KimDaBa] New snapshot: "Patch" for thumbnails and questions/ideas about plugins

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sat Sep 4 20:09:42 BST 2004

I might not answer email right away but eventually they will be answered ;-)

| with the new snapshot I got a problem about thumbnails created for the
| Ctrl-T-thing:
| These 256x256-thumbnails are build with a terrible quality.
Thanks, this is fixed now.
Will be in the next snapshot (Hopefully tomorrow)

I think I answered the other concerns in this letter, otherwise please restate 
| Two things about the plugin interface:
| Selection:
| I'd like a pseudo album with the images actually selected (via search
| functionality) within kimdaba. And I could also think of a second pseudo
| album with those images actually selected by mouse. So I could search for
| some pictures within kimdaba (get perhaps 10 images), then select 3 of them
| by mouse and tell the plugin just to take that second pseudo album to get
| the manually selected images. If I take the first pseudo album I get the
| Images actually found by the kimdaba search.
| Rotation:
| Kimdaba by default does not rotate images but stores an rotation angle in
| its index.xml file.
| When I put rotated images to an kipi plugin the plugin does not care about
| the rotation. Just a little sad :-(.
| Could kimdaba create temporary rotated files and put these rotated images
| to a plugin? This thing should be configured in the kimdaba options dialog
| (plugin section). There we could have a second check box ("use temporary
| rotated images").
| In case a plugin changed a temporary image kimdaba could update the
| original file form the temporary one (using a second rotation, the other
| way round of course!).
| Different approach: Kimdaba could have a new menu entry for rotating an
| image (some images) via lossless jpeg rotation according to the index.xml
| rotation angle (and then set that angle to 0)? This could also be helpfull
| without thinking about plugins.
| And what about configure the rotation behavior in a general way: Kimdaba
| could have two radio buttons in it's configure dialog. One says "store
| rotation angle in index.xml file" (that's what is done today), the other on
| says "rotate image via lossless jpeg rotation".
| If you turn on the second radio button, every rotate within the image
| properties dialog would use jpeg rotation and keep the rotation angle
| within the index.xml file as 0.
| I hope these remarks could help you.
| Bye
| Reimar
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