[KimDaBa] Import from camera

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Tue Oct 26 10:22:05 BST 2004

Vincent Picavet wrote:

>>I once approached a service provider and tried to talk them into
>>letting kimdaba send to them though a socket or something (something
>>different that kimdaba interacting with the website), but I never got
>>an answer, but maybe I should look into it again.
>For the above online printing services, there is most of the time a tool
>that lets the user select a bunch of images on his computer and send
>them in batch. All of the proposed softs are closed-source MSwindows
>only :-( . But this means that there is another way of sending images to
>these services than the website. Kimdaba could implement this other way.
Just for reference, I use photobox in the UK (great because I live in 
South Africa and can send photos to people in the UK easily):
The reason I chose them is you can use ftp to upload your photos (as 
well as their web interface, which works nicely in Firefox on Linux).
It should be easy to write a plugin if people use standard protocols...


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