[KimDaBa] bug with pre-2.0

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Oct 18 13:29:52 BST 2004

On Sunday 17 October 2004 17:22, jedd wrote:
|  Howdi,
|  Finally got around to compiling the rc for 2.0.
|  Ubersexy it is, too - finally able to fix up all the weird things that
|  happened to my date/time stamps on 1.1 from a while back (lots of
|  images 'inherited' the date/time stamp from earlier images in the
|  same sub-directory).  Now sitting pretty at 5,421 images.
|  Anyway .. KimDaBa doesn't properly remember the locations for extra
|  Option Group windows.  I use one of these things, and whenever I modify
|  the properties for an image it:
|  a) defaults to hiding the optional Option Group, even if it was UnHid
|  the last invocation (of editing, but after quitting / restarting KimDaBa),
|  b) defaults to a near (but not quite) full-screen window for that option
|  group when I click on 'Unhide'.
|  c) defaults to a standard centre-screen location for the configure-image
|  window, even if it was in a different part of the screen previously.
|  Not a major bug, but demonstrates that our esteemed author doesn't
|  actually use option groups very often.  ;)
After having created the window layout, invoke "save current window setup" 
from the image config page "configure" button.

I agree that it seems like I'm sitting between two chairs - one one site I 
save the window size by default, on the other hand I only save the layout 
when the user requests it. This will have to be handled after 2.0

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