[KimDaBa] Editing Categories

William Holland will at willholland.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 23:06:16 BST 2004


I've just started using Kimdaba 1.1, and it seems to be exactly what I was 
wanting!  Great, however, as I've just added 4000 images, I've managed to add 
a few categories that are typing mistakes, and near duplicates - eg: "River 
Nith" and "Nith River", which will get a bit annoying when I am trying to 

I can see how to add all the items to one category (select all images, and 
then attach to the correct part), but in order to stop me from adding to the 
wrong category in future, I would like to remove the "Nith River" category.

Is it possible to do in a later relese?  I think I've explored all the options 
in Version 1.1.  If not, is it possible to add a category editor to allow 
deletions, renaming (and merging, although this is clearly possible at the 
moment - just a bit long winded) of each category?

Thanks for any help,


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