[KimDaBa] Ideas...

William Holland will at willholland.co.uk
Tue Nov 16 19:18:20 GMT 2004

I've been thinking lately that what I could really do with, and kimdaba is 
probably the best place to start, is more of a dual level photo archive 

What I mean by this, is that I have photographs that I regularly view, but 
hardly ever print out.  In order to do this, I would find it better to have a 
'monitor' resolution image, which is attached in some way to the original.  
Personally I do not have much requirement for a 2500x2000 image on a 
1600x1200 monitor, and my CPU would probably be much quicker at rendering it.

I would also find it much easier to keep the 'monitor' image on the hard 
drive, and the original somewhere else (eg CD).  I imagine that people who 
regularly take RAW images would have a  similar problem with kimdaba - a 
large raw image that is not easy to view.

So to do this, I suppose that there would be a need for a plugin to create the 
'monitor' resolution image, and place it into the kimdaba archive, whilst 
hiding the original in a vault somewhere, or alternatively kimdaba could keep 
track of both the images, but only under one record (the nicer method).

When Printing images/etc kimdaba could use the original, and when archiving, 
the original could be archived, keeping the 'monitor' image for viewing.

It would also make a good method to handling other file formats, as the 
original could be viewed using a different viewer, depending on the format (I 
don't imagine that raw images render natively to kimdaba)

Does this seem useful?  Is it worth/possible to write a plugin to do this? is 
it better handled natively within kimdaba?


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