[KimDaBa] Hugin rocks... after you figure out its quirks/bugs

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sat Nov 13 05:53:27 GMT 2004

On Sat November 13 2004 03:38 am, Shawn Willden wrote:
 ] Since you mentioned Debian, try adding this to your sources.list.
 ] deb http://3demi.net/debian/debs/ ./
 ] deb-src http://3demi.net/debian/debs/ ./

 Thanks Shawn.

 Added that in, but apt's confused (tries to get files from .../debs/debs/)
 so downloaded them manually.  That's when I discovered there's no
 uninstall paragraph in the hugin source (cvs or snapshot) tree.

 Bloody marvellous.

 But at least this version runs long enough to let me load a project and
 save it and then quit the application.   Which is an improvement on the
 average run-time of a self-compiled hugin.  It doesn't seem to ship with
 nona, though, which is a bother since nona's one of the casualties of my
 manual make-uninstall process.

 ]  http://www.willden.org/gallery/Panoramas


 How many shots did you take of the Darling Harbour one, say, and did
 you do any preprocessing before banging them thru hugin?  What's your
 approach with panoramas with people (you don't know / can't control)
 in them?


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