[KimDaBa] Some ideas from iTunes/amarok

Jean-Michel FAYARD jmfayard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 09:37:25 GMT 2004

Hello Jesper, hello list

for me KimDaBa is to a (big) picture collection what iTunes or amaroK
are to a (big) music collection, while a folder-based photo management
application is somehow the equivalent of WinAmp/XMMS. Ones usually
begin by using and loving the winamp´s side for his simplicity, and
then soon or later switch to the iTunes´s side as the collection get

So I looked at Amarok to see what good ideas could be taken from them :

It seems to be a general trend in KDE that everytime you have a list
which may go big one day, you put a search field at the top, like this

When you browse by collection, amarok has actually two of those search
field, one in the collection, one in the playlist. I find that very

Others examples of this in KDE includes the "configure shortcuts"
dialog in KDE 3.3

I think it would be very convenient to have this when Kimdaba´s
browser display a (frequently big) list of Persons or Locations or

 Amarok records for every song the first time you play it, the last
time you play it, and how many times you play it. (It also computes a
"score" : if you heard the whole song, it´s a sign that you like it,
if you switched to another after 10s, it may be a sign you dislike it,
but I don´t think it´s relevant for Kimdaba)

See the right panel here :

Not bad, but it get more interesting because you can construct a
playlist based on those information. Look the "smart plalists" at the
bottom of the right panel here :

I find very convenient for example the "Never Played" thingy. Thanks
to this you can say : "Oh I never heard that while that´s beautiful,
shame on me !", and so you do not hear always the same twenty songs.

How does this relate to KimDaBa ?
- "first time you heared it" is more or less the same as the date
extracted from exif data, so need for this
- An equivalent for "you heared the song" is "you displayed it in the
viewer or set information for it in the Ctrl-1 or Ctrl-2 dialog"
- An equivalent of the smart playlist would be another feature of the
browser. I´m not very sure how it would look like, perhaps something
like :
* Persons
* Locations
* Keywords
* Date
* Seen last time (a kind of history)
     (when you click on it)
     * i18n( today )
     * yesterday
     * monday
     * last week
     * September
     * August
     * ....
     * 2003....
* Other idea for Seen last time : a dialog like the date dialog
* Viewed
    (when you click on it)
     Never Viewed (very useful)
     Last 100 Viewed
     Most frequently viewed
     Viewed 1-2 times
     Viewed 3-5 times
     Viewed more than 5 times

Comments ?

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