[KimDaBa] Some ideas !

Eivind ekj at vestdata.no
Fri Nov 5 08:57:04 GMT 2004

On Friday 05 November 2004 03:05, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> You don't actually need hierarchical locations or keywords.  Simply
> assign the locations Europe, France, and Paris to the photos in
> question.  You can search on multiple keywords/locations.

Sure, but that isn't very practical. It'd mean, for example, that I'd have 
to tag all my photos from the Tafjord mountainrange with Tafjord, Romsdal, 
Vestlandet, Norway, Europe. All of which is duplicated information since, 
for example, Norway is *always* in Europe.

A better solution is to use Member Groups. You can make a group "Europe" 
and let "Norway", "Sweden", "Germany" and so on be members in this group. 
You can do this hierarchically so that "Vestlandet" is a member of 
"Norway" and "Norway is a member of "Europe".

No hierarchy is enforced though, and one tag can be a member of arbitrary 
many groups. That is a real advantage because that way, for example 
"Tafjord_mountains" can be a member of not only "Romsdal", but *also* at 
the same time a member of say "Mountain Regions" (I do a lot of 
backpacking in various mountains.)

When searching for "Europe" pictures which are tagged with "Norway" or 
"Vestlandet", or "Romsdal" will be included automagically.

		Eivind Kjørstad

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