[KimDaBa] Some ideas !

Gael Beaudoin gael at gaboo.org
Thu Nov 4 22:52:47 GMT 2004

First, let me thank you for your great work ! It's much apreciated :)

Now, it's time for some ideas I got when using kimdaba for the first time :

- When I started sorting my photos, I tought it's not easy to set up my 
categories/groups : locations, persons, key words. You have to go into the 
settings panel, then members tab, etc ... It would be useful and fast to have 
the ability to add/modify these while sorting photos. And also icons in the 
toolbar to have fast access.

- Locations should be hierarchical (like file directories). IE :
 Europe > France > Paris > Expo
 Europe > France > Lyon
 Etc ...
I think it would be a wonderful feature ! When I set a photo in France, then I 
known it's in Europe and though searching for photos in europe would select 
all photos belonging to europe and all subgroups.

 The same can be set up for people : My Famille > Me
         My Familly > My Brother

- It would be useful if we could see the photo list (thumbnails) while 
selecting the filters. 90% of the screen is unused so there is enough space 
to add it.

- When in preview mode (seeing all the thumbnails) when I click one time on a 
photo, it opens it it another window. IMO it would be better to be able to 
select a photo in order to push ctrl+1 to edit its infos. For now, I have to 
use the right click and then select "configure image at one time".

- In the image configuration window, I think it would be better to only have 
item that the image belongs to in the lists than rather all the list select 
those the image belongs to .... When you set up dozens of people, it's not 
very easy to modify. I know that the current way you handle this isn't bad 
either, but It's my point of view :)

I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain, my english isn't that 
good ;)

Again, thanks a lot !

Gael Beaudoin

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