[KimDaBa] [RFC] KIPI Plugins getAllAlbums() <==> Bookmarks in KimDaBa

boulot.dodo boulot.dodo at laposte.net
Mon May 24 12:48:59 BST 2004

Hello dear Kimdaba´s user

You may know that Jesper & others are working to a common
plugin architecture. One problem is that some plugins
(especially the CD Archiving one, but they are probably more
to come) wants to know the complete list of albums you have
(so you can burn the set of albums you want).

This make sense in Digikam where an album is a directory, but
not in KimDaBa where you have an infinite set of albums. So,
we cannot benefit from the CD archiving plugin :(

My first thought was to use the list of subfolders too. For
me, something like :


For sure that´s suboptimal.

Here is a better idea :
KimDaBa use the metaphore of a browser which can be used to
access an infinite number of pages. Some pages are more
important than others, but only the user can know which ones.
==> the solution is pretty obvious : use bookmarks like
Konqueror. Bonus : should be quite easy to do (standard menu)
and good integrated in KDE.

It could be something like that :

|-- Family
|    `-- Ann Helen
|-- USA and Holidays
|-- *NONE* and *NONE* and *NONE*
|        (very useful to see which images you still have to
document with KimDaBa)
|-- Folders
     `-- *(1)

*(1) Here, KimDaBa could automatically generate a bookmark for
each subfolders containing at least an image.

Does it seems useful and easy enough to understand ?

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